The First Name in Skidplates
Not all snowmobile skidplates are created equal. Period. Oh sure, there are other skidplates on the market. But make no mistake, if it doesn’t say Holeshot, it’s nothing more than a chunk of plastic! Holeshot was the originator of the snowmobile skidplate, and we still lead the industry today with the best fit, the best quality construction, the best design and the hottest custom colors.

The Right Stuff
All Holeshot skidplates are constructed of heavy-gauge High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), an incredible material that is virtually indestructible. Our skidplates are an amazing ¼ inch thick for optimum protection-that’s nearly twice as thick as competitive skidplates. This is the stuff you want between your chassis and that hidden boulder or stump! The energy from the collision is absorbed by the skidplate as it protects your vital steering, suspension and lower frame components.

Engineered Fit and Finish
We believe that in addition to providing valuable chassis protection, a skidplate should look good on your sled. That’s why we pay such close attention to detail. All Holeshot skidplates are thermoformed to extremely tight tolerances to ensure a perfect fit. They fit your sled like a glove and are CNC trimmed for a clean, burr-free edge. 

Performance by Design
Holeshot skidplates feature our unique three-rib design, which provides industry-leading rigidity. And only Holeshot skidplates offer full coverage protection, from the front bumper all the way back to the heat exchanger.