February 01, 2013


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Riding in Colorado

Just got back from a trip to the cabin testing new products.  Lots of Polaris PRO RMK's this year.  Seems like the pendulum has swung from Arctic Cat in this group.  We enjoyed a little backcountry riding with our Friends from Colorado, and Chicago.  Had three good days of riding despite some really low snow conditions.  All the new Polaris's ran great.  I'm very impressed with the pro chassis and the 13 motor.  I put in Carls Cycle Clutch Kit and it was spot on.  

We rode mostly trees all week, as the snow in the meadows was less than ideal.  Got a little snow overnight, but nothing to amount to much.  It seems like when you get 6" of new in Colorado, it refreshes the old snow underneath, so it feels like 12" of new. 

Ironically, it has snowed 2'+ since we've been there.  Should have been there this week. 

Few pics from the trip for your enjoyment...

Happy riding

Aaron Burquest


Holeshot, Inc.

Aaron Burquest
Aaron Burquest


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